Below is an excerpt from a story in Inc. Magazine referencing Digital Appliance Controls, Inc. (DAC)  a company founded by Peter Sognefest, in 1984.  DAC manufactured  its products in Taiwan and Singapore.
     Inc. Magazine
January 1, 1989

Made In The U.S.A.

Profile of a company aspiring to keep manufacturing cheap and effective in the appliance market.
By Tom Rickman

"Motorola, which was the market leader when Leyshon left the company two years ago, has fallen behind a relative upstart, Digital Appliance Controls Inc. DAC is headed by its founder, Peter W. Sognefest, the man who originally put Motorola into the appliance-control business in 1977. Sognefest left Motorola in 1984 when he was promoted out of the job he had and wanted to keep. Like Leyshon two years later, he launched his own company. With projected 1989 sales of $25 million, DAC claims it will hold the largest single share of the electronic-control market next year. But unlike ACT, DAC manufactures overseas, sells its products through OEM purchasing departments, and stresses proprietary design and quality over standardization and low pricing."