Dear Potential Client:

SEAMOC can help small to midsize companies with $6 million to $200 million in annual revenue respond to the Asian challenge by managing the start-up  a wholly owned factory in China or Vietnam for its clients. In addition SEAMOC can help  with Asian sourcing from its Shenzhen,  China or Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Representative Offices.

Many believe they need an Asian investor, Asian contract manufacturer, Asian joint venture partner or a United States Expatriate to be successful in Vietnam manufacturing or China manufacturing.  It is not the case.   Asian partners and United States Expatriates are not needed to start-up and manage a factory in Vietnam or China.

SEAMOC starts Asian factories and trains its client's management in "how to start-up and operate" a factory in Southeast Asia with a focus on China manufacturing and Vietnam manufacturing.  SEAMOC recruits the Asian management team, manages background checks, manages the start-up and trains the Asian team in “how to operate” with its US headquarters to ensure success on both sides of the Pacific Ocean.  SEAMOC also trains the U.S. team on how to operate with the Asian team to assure success.

SEAMOC also leads the efforts to obtain all necessary licenses and permits for its clients in Vietnam and China.  In addition, SEAMOC provides leadership in each phase of the start-up process including country selection, start-up and full volume production.  The details are listed in the service sections of this web site.

SEAMOC's clients are usually small and midsize United States based manufacturing companies that are faced with pricing pressure from Asia or pressure to establish manufacturing operations in Asia from large customers.

SEAMOC charges a modest consulting fee for its Vietnam consulting or China consulting services.  SEAMOC's consulting fee is far less than the cost of a permanent sharing of future profits with an Asian partner.  SEAMOC's consulting fee's are also far less that the cost of having a United States Expatriate in Vietnam or China, and SEAMOC's management has an impeccable track record for successful offshore start-ups.

Seamoc has started working on its eight Vietnam Start-up.  Every one of Semoc's Vietnam start-ups has or will soon become a quality, yield, productivity and performance leader in its industry.  Each one has a Vietnamese General Director and a Vietnam management team.

SEAMOC has also advised United States companies who have looked at China, Malaysia, and Thailand for their future manufacturing sites.

We have provided leadership for factory start-ups in China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Singapore and the United States.  All of the factories have worked very well, and have been an asset to the United States parent company.

SEAMOC pulls all of the pieces together for a successful outcome of our client's start-up project in China manufacturing or Vietnam manufacturing.  Each project needs a point person to make sure all the details are managed to a successful conclusion.  We work directly with and for the CEO or the Executive Vice President of Manufacturing of our client's company as a member of his or her staff during the project delivering a turn-key operation in China manufacturing or Vietnam manufacturing that works with excellent quality, productivity, cost, lead time and delivery.

There are many details on both sides of the ocean that need to come together.  Our involvement not only ensures success of the start-up, it also helps keep the client's staff from losing focus on their current business, while SEAMOC manages the Asian turn-key start-up program.

Consider SEAMOC if your company needs a China manufacturing, Vietnam manufacturing or another South East Asia manufacturing location to become competitive in today's global economy. Also consider using Seamoc's sourcing services through SEAMOC Representative Offices in Vietnam and China.  Seamoc's involvement will ensure your start-up and ongoing manufacturing success in South East Asia.  In addition to ensuring start-up success, Seamoc saves its clients a considerable amount of money in both the short and long term.
Best regards,
Peter W. Sognefest, President
Seamoc Inc.