Associates of Seamoc Inc.

Seamoc Inc. has established an associate's relationship with Lou Sims in his consulting role as President & CEO, Sims & Associates.  In addition, Lou Sims was responsible for the design and construction of the building now occupied by Seamoc's client, Spitfire Controls (Vietnam) Co. Ltd. in the Amata Industrial Park where Seamoc is managing the start-up of a factory for Spitfire on a project started in August 2005.               
                              President & CEO, SIMS & Associates
                              President & CEO, Amata (Dung Quat Province, Vietnam) Ltd.

He was the President and CEO for Amata (Vietnam) Company Ltd., in-charge of operations within Vietnam from March 1999 to January 2005. As part of his responsibility at Amata, Lou managed the construction of over 20 factories ranging in size from 750 square meters to several thousand square meters.  Mr. Sims returned to Vietnam with Bechtel in 1996 as Project Manager for the Amata Modern Industrial Park. Subsequently, he retired from Bechtel in 1998 and then joined the Amata Organization.  He is presently AMATA's President for the AMATA-Dung Quat Industrial and Commercial activities, in the new Dung Quat City complex:

Mr. Sims has over thirty years of Civil Construction Engineering, providing directional leadership on high profile projects throughout the world. He started his overseas ventures in 1968 when he joined the Morrison-Knudsen Organization (RMK-BRJ) in Vietnam. Thereafter, he joined Bechtel International Inc., in 1976. With these two renowned organizations, he has been involved in an impressive number of large and very important projects in 12 different countries; mostly, in the Middle East, the Pacific Asian Realm, and Africa.

Fields of experience are in the following areas and relative industries: LNG & Oil facilities, Petrochemical Plants, Heavy Earthworks, Pipelines - Oil & Gas, Commercial Industrial Parks, Residential Communities, Roads & Highways, Dams, Irrigation and Complex Infrastructure Projects.

His strengths are in business development, project restructuring and turnarounds--with the ability to build cooperative working relationships between governmental organizations, companies, clients and employees, while increasing the quantity and quality of services provided.

Mr. Sims is Chairman of the 'AmCham Dong Nai Investment Committee':

AmCham Goals: As a long-time resident of Vietnam, he sees a great opportunity for all to bring new thinking to how to benefit the Vietnamese community, while enlarging worth and value as AmCham members; therefore, facilitate a better understanding of doing business between local and foreign investors, and advancing into a new realm of programs and activities that will have solid support and recognition of leadership that AmCham deserves!