A start-up in Asia is a four phase program.  Each phase has several steps or "boxes to check," and SEAMOC provides services at each step in each of the four Phases of the program to establish manufacturing operations in Asia.

Phase 1 -- The Planning Phase

- Choosing a country / understanding criteria
- Choosing an industrial zone / understanding criteria
- Choosing a Limited Liability Foreign Entity
- Transfer pricing strategy and plan
- Direct selling to customer strategy and plan
- Import Duty strategy and plan
- Export Duty strategy and plan
- Logistics strategy and plan
- Corporate income tax strategy and plan (Asia)
- Corporate income tax strategy and plan (United States)
- Vat tax strategy and plan
Phase 2 - Visiting the Country / Establishing  Relationships

- Establish a relationship with an Asian law firm
- Establish a relationship with an Asian accounting firm
- Establish a relationship with an Asian or US Bank
- Negotiate building lease or purchase agreement
- Apply for business / investment license / Permits
- Complete schedule for phase 2 implementation to include:
    Legal completion procedures for legal entity
    Lease of site or factory purchase
    Commencement or factory renovation
    Installation of equipment
    Key manager hire dates
Phase 3 -- Start-up of Manufacturing

- Write job descriptions for all jobs
- Hire a local General Manager or General Director
- Create a detailed operating start-up plan to include:
    Factory layout and "fitting out" plan for factory
    Process Flow Chart and Factory Flow Chart
    All Quality, Process and Product Design Documentation
    Employee handbook in compliance with country laws
    Logistics and timing for equipment and raw material
    Hiring plan that includes training program
    Determine pilot production date and staffing
    Plan the necessary support from the U.S.
    Determine Chart of Accounts and ERP System requirements
    Plan for ERP and financial control implementation
    Understand all customs issues and documentation           
    Hire an Administration Manager.
    Understand China or Vietnam accounting rules
    Hire a Chief Accountant or CFO.
Phase 4 -- Full Manufacturing

- Implement plan to increase to full volume production
a. Hire complete salary staff per plan and organization chart
b. Supply raw material necessary to support plan
c. Hire and train production personnel to support plan
d. Track daily productivity, efficiency, yields, and quality
e. Report daily to U.S. on top five yield, efficiency and quality issues
f. Report daily to U.S. on top five productivity issues

- U.S. Headquarters to review daily reports and support questions with answers on a daily basis.