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                 Feasibility Study

The first step in evaluating a response or initiative to an Asian business threat or opportunity is a comprehensive "Feasibility Study" that includes a financial analysis. This study will show the economic benefit of outsourcing versus, starting a wholly owned factory versus partnering with an Asian business partner.  It will also help determine which country in Asia makes the most sense for the business, and it will determine the total investment and cash required before the Asian start-up, outsourcing initiative or Asian partnership is profitable.

If the feasibility study shows significant benefit for a wholly owned factory, and if the client wishes to move forward, Seamoc Inc. will provide the necessary guidance with every step in each phase of the Asian start-up program to help assure client success.

The "index page items" similar to items in a recent Client's feasibility study are show below.  Seamoc services provided during the four phases of start-up are shown in the "link" to the
"start-up service" web pages.        
                    Items listed on the Index Page
                       From a Client Feasibility Study

- Executive Summary                                                              
- Start-up and Investment Summary                                        
- Program Gantt Chart                                                            
- Process / Timing for Investment Licenses / Permits              
- Resources Required                                                           
- Start-up Costs by Month                                                       
- (Vietnam / China) Salaries each Month                                  
- Wage Correlation Client / SEAMOC    
- Fitting Out (Renovation of Facility) Costs   
- Total Capital Requirements     
- Capacity Assumptions / Capital      
- P&L Study - Sales, DL, Material, Mfg. OH.   
- Factory Overhead (Vietnam / China) / vs. U.S.  
- Std. Hours and Burden rate     
- SG&A Analysis       
- P&L 2005 (Vietnam/China) vs. United States   
- P&L 2006 (Vietnam/China) vs. United States   

- Labor and Salary Costs (Vietnam / China)  
- Incentives (Vietnam / China)      
- Transportation Costs      
- Duty on HTS Code for Importing to U.S.    
- Percentage Savings from Labor, Material, Taxes, OH. 
- Licenses and Permits